Dear KPOP fans, please Brace Yourself.

I’ve been keeping myself to say this, but I just can’t help no more. I mean, how can you just keep silent when these things won’t stop hovering around your timeline?

I just wanna say something to you, Guys, who call yourself a dedicated KPOP fan. I found sooooo many disagreements which finally reached fanwars just because you can’t keep your hormonal bash to a certain company around the KPOP business out there.

Infinite joining the SM C&C, you mad.
Woohyun and Key joining a subunit, you keep asking for their credibility.
Now some singers joining SM the Ballad, you can’t stop being a butthurt fan for not seeing your fave oppars in the group.

Here’s the thing. It’s business, not some kind of street circus who call themselves a family. For what it’s worth, they do it for money and til forever that’s what it’s all about.

And one thing you need to know is that you’re so called destested SM company, they know much better how to make money. They surely do than you. So whoever they choose to squeeze their sweat off, it’s none of your business. They won’t take your strike as a plea, because it’s just about who will make bigger money.

So let it go. SM won’t let Woohyun and Key to join as a subunit if they won’t get any profit, and there are surely reasons why Kyuhyun, or anyone in the ex-member of SM the Ballad isn’t included in the group anymore. There must be a reason as why Jino is held off from his debut, and the thing is, that’s not your business to think.

If you like it, support them, but if you don’t, just leave them alone. It’s not that you’ll buy their albums legally, is it? #oops

that’s it.
See you around! toodles!

Tentang “Reply 1997” [spoiler alert!]

Umm, well, dari mana aku harus mulai bahasan soal Reply ini … o_O

First thing first, .. ini adalah drama paling spektakuler yang pernah aku tonton sepanjang tahun 2012, setelah “the Moon that Embrace the Sun”. Mungkin posisinya sama, hanya saja aku nggak bisa memutuskan mana yang lebih kusuka karena dua drama itu punya keunggulan yang berbeda. Hanya saja kali ini aku akan lebih membicarakan soal Reply 1997.

Pertama kali mendengar soal drama ini sepertinya sudah lumayan lama, I was not kind of excited tho, nggak juga begitu tertarik pada awalnya untuk menonton karena judulnya adalah ‘sitcom’ (<<< em not a big fan of this genre). Deretan pemerannya juga aku nggak begitu familiar, kecuali Hoya dari Infinite dan Eun Ji Won. Beberapa kali aku melihat judul artikel berita tentang sitcom ini di allkpop dan aku hanya melihatnya aja tanpa tertarik untuk menonton, hingga sekitar sebulan yang lalu entah karena apa tiba-tiba aja aku berniat donlot dramanya, dan dari sanalah kegandrungan itu dimulai. (more…)

About TVXQ – Catch Me

This is the long awaited comeback for the greatest idol group, TVXQ, the first I’ve ever biased and one who took me down the road of KPOP mainstream back in 2005. Whooaaaa … where do I begin now?

After releasing their first album Keep Your Head Down in early 2011, now they’re back again with the epic second album “Catch Me”. I know it’s supposed to be their 6th album with the name TVXQ, but you know, with that separation and all, WHICH I am not going to discuss here in my post, I would like to say that I am now letting go the past and supporting the boys as the new and fresh group, but not at all a rookie.  (more…)