Jung Yunho

Artwork #3: the Gangnam Style


Yeah, instead of menggarap kelanjutan Heaven Woods dan segala draft thesis, beberapa hari ini aku malah menghabiskan waktu untuk bermain dengan sotosop. Entah ya, karena kurasa I’m a type of one who cannot stop doing something when I’m too into it, apalagi belakangan ini aku baru menemukan teknik-teknik baru yang sebelumnya aku nggak tau apa fungsinya. Memang bener kata orang, practice makes perfect. (more…)

About TVXQ – Catch Me

This is the long awaited comeback for the greatest idol group, TVXQ, the first I’ve ever biased and one who took me down the road of KPOP mainstream back in 2005. Whooaaaa … where do I begin now?

After releasing their first album Keep Your Head Down in early 2011, now they’re back again with the epic second album “Catch Me”. I know it’s supposed to be their 6th album with the name TVXQ, but you know, with that separation and all, WHICH I am not going to discuss here in my post, I would like to say that I am now letting go the past and supporting the boys as the new and fresh group, but not at all a rookie.  (more…)