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Halo, semua. Apa kabar?  Kami selalu berharap kalian bahagia dan sehat selalu.

Musim panas akan segera datang (walaupun di Indonesia nggak ada musim panas sih, dan walaupun di belahan dunia lain juga malah mau masuk musim dingin, tapi udahlah anggap aja musim panas lah ya :D). Untuk menyambutnya saladbowl akan berbagi rekomendasi buku dari para author untuk dibaca kepada kalian. Apa saja buku-buku itu? Yuk kita simak. Semoga bisa menjadi referensi bacaan kamu, di musim panas, musim hujan, musim duren, musim cinta, dan musim-musim lainnya 🙂

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The syndrome started few weeks ago while watching a cut video of Super Junior KRY performing Live in a show called MUST, one segment had the members telling the audience what song they’re got obsessed into. It was the answer Ryeowookie gave us, when he said he was so into “내꺼하자 (Be Mine)” and even sang a chorus part of the song.


About Stalking Taemin ♥♥♥

So, I tell people that I’m so into SHINee these two years. Liking them like, .. all of them that I don’t even do bias in only one of them. I am like, well, not liking five of them at a time. It’s sort of, they have their own turn from time to time. LOL. So, you might see me sooooo in love with Key last year, then I could be so madly crush on Onew’s voice 6 months ago, .. and now, it’s Taemin’s TURN!!! Hail yeah, baby!! (more…)

About Letter to a Hubby

Dear Papi Love,

I’ve been thinking the whole time to write this letter to you, not because I have this so little time like a dramatic situation you might see on soap opera, no, it’s just my conscience letting me to have just a small space in this useless brain to say something, that you might never hear me say it to you directly, face-to-face. .. since i’m never good at saying things properly, and beautifully.

Time goes by so fast I guess, as I’ve told most of people, sometimes my lack of understanding and caring just making world rounds faster than I expected. People’s aging, they’re getting older, .. (or even younger??) day by day, including me, and you .. too. Hehe. (more…)