About Stalking Taemin ♥♥♥

So, I tell people that I’m so into SHINee these two years. Liking them like, .. all of them that I don’t even do bias in only one of them. I am like, well, not liking five of them at a time. It’s sort of, they have their own turn from time to time. LOL. So, you might see me sooooo in love with Key last year, then I could be so madly crush on Onew’s voice 6 months ago, .. and now, it’s Taemin’s TURN!!! Hail yeah, baby!! (more…)

About Letter to a Hubby

Dear Papi Love,

I’ve been thinking the whole time to write this letter to you, not because I have this so little time like a dramatic situation you might see on soap opera, no, it’s just my conscience letting me to have just a small space in this useless brain to say something, that you might never hear me say it to you directly, face-to-face. .. since i’m never good at saying things properly, and beautifully.

Time goes by so fast I guess, as I’ve told most of people, sometimes my lack of understanding and caring just making world rounds faster than I expected. People’s aging, they’re getting older, .. (or even younger??) day by day, including me, and you .. too. Hehe. (more…)