Dear KPOP fans, please Brace Yourself.

I’ve been keeping myself to say this, but I just can’t help no more. I mean, how can you just keep silent when these things won’t stop hovering around your timeline?

I just wanna say something to you, Guys, who call yourself a dedicated KPOP fan. I found sooooo many disagreements which finally reached fanwars just because you can’t keep your hormonal bash to a certain company around the KPOP business out there.

Infinite joining the SM C&C, you mad.
Woohyun and Key joining a subunit, you keep asking for their credibility.
Now some singers joining SM the Ballad, you can’t stop being a butthurt fan for not seeing your fave oppars in the group.

Here’s the thing. It’s business, not some kind of street circus who call themselves a family. For what it’s worth, they do it for money and til forever that’s what it’s all about.

And one thing you need to know is that you’re so called destested SM company, they know much better how to make money. They surely do than you. So whoever they choose to squeeze their sweat off, it’s none of your business. They won’t take your strike as a plea, because it’s just about who will make bigger money.

So let it go. SM won’t let Woohyun and Key to join as a subunit if they won’t get any profit, and there are surely reasons why Kyuhyun, or anyone in the ex-member of SM the Ballad isn’t included in the group anymore. There must be a reason as why Jino is held off from his debut, and the thing is, that’s not your business to think.

If you like it, support them, but if you don’t, just leave them alone. It’s not that you’ll buy their albums legally, is it? #oops

that’s it.
See you around! toodles!


  1. ouch! kata2 terakhir nanceb bgt.
    tp untungnya selalu beli album digital secara legal.
    anyway,thanks ya udah bukain mata semua orang.untung ada orang yang bisa menyampaikan ini secara lugas.kalau aku bukan orang yg bisa menyampaikan pendapat yang agar bisa orang2 sadar sih

  2. iya,bnr itu.klo emg g suka g usah protes.jujur aq sbg fan sm agak kecewa pas kyuhyun g d mskin sm the ballad lg,mwny sih ngomel, ap gunany jg sih,toh dh trlanjur d rombak.pasti sm py alasan sndr soal kyuhyun oppa g d libatin d project sm the ballad yg baru.
    kita sbg fan jg hrs bersikap dewasa,jgn dikit2 protes.bijaklah dlm menerima sgala keputusan

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