My new fave singer 😀

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I’m going to introduce you to an incomparable artist. Before I do that, I ask you to imagine for a quiet moment, the life of an acorn. Growing safely in the grasp of the mother tree. Suddenly separated and falling to the ground.

Silently enduring the storms, the winters bitterness and all the elements of the earth not knowing if it’s going to make it. Quietly waiting for the right time to germinate and become what life had destined it to be.

Through life we all endure challenges, trials and obstacles.

At times we may feel we’re without a voice, living with the inner voice’s that creates our own imagination, to compensate, for the invisible void. We’re all waiting in silence for the right time.

The acorn was once invisible laying on the ground, eventually it grew into a beautiful mother tree of its own. Creating it’s own life…

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