People with Class vs People with Stupidity

There are two kinds of people in this world: people with class and the stupid ones.

People with class take the most of the world. When they love someone, they do it maturely. And as they’re hating, they do it with class. They don’t hover, they don’t cling, they don’t make the hating use up their mind.

The stupid ones think the world their own. They claim all matters are up about them. When they love, they become blind. They won’t take flaws, they take critics too personally. But when they hate, they become irrelevant. They won’t see the good in people.

Stupid people hate like a child. They attack anonymously, but hide themselves behind the bar. They think they smart, but they’re just on the other side.

And as they’re acting recklessly like a hero of their own, people with class watch them like a puppet show. These stupid ones’ life itself is a joke, and by the viewer seats people with class would laugh, enjoying the scene as the Stupids fool themselves in front of the world.

People with class would pity, but they would let it go and move on with their life. Because that’s what humans do. Forgetting, then forgiving.

.dista dee with love, just saying.
I love watching hater’s gonna hate.
xoxo ~♥


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