About Stalking Taemin ♥♥♥

So, I tell people that I’m so into SHINee these two years. Liking them like, .. all of them that I don’t even do bias in only one of them. I am like, well, not liking five of them at a time. It’s sort of, they have their own turn from time to time. LOL. So, you might see me sooooo in love with Key last year, then I could be so madly crush on Onew’s voice 6 months ago, .. and now, it’s Taemin’s TURN!!! Hail yeah, baby!!

And thing you may find in me about Taemin is that, and it’s always the same thing from the beginning,  ..


Yeah, I’m not again in the age of a teenage so-called fangirl who dreams about him as a mental boyfriend, BIG no. You won’t agree more with me to see him as the cutest living-being seen alive in the universe! *slap me twice if I’m wrong and I will slap you back*

I think it’s because the youngest son in my family seems to have no such a cute side, like, AT ALL in him that I’m obsessed to have a baby dongsaeng like Taemin. Ahh! No. I want to have Taemin as my baby dongsaeng, even if it’s possible I want him as my future son!! =D

My craze even gets me fantasize him in every way, like, I can even imagine what we would do to spend our weekend, or how he would talk to me in such a whinny spoiled way while trying to make me buying him an ice cream, or his charming manly side in walking me around as a brother trying to protect his sister. *sigh*

If I’m lucky enough, I would probably able to hang out with the other boys ♥♥ then they would make me pay for their meals.

Having Taemin as a baby brother, the only thing we would fight is probably because I can’t stop treating him as a baby. I know he hates it when people call him cute or such while he’s trying so hard to look manly .. I don’t know if I could handle this, since if I see my brother who’s almost 20 and I still see him like a 5 years-old kid playing with his lego (which now has changed into a tablet pad and high tech laptop). I could see in my head Taemin would work so hard to be seen as a grown-up man who’s not again swinging his hand in mine, and nag a lot telling me to stop talking to him like a kid. Haha! It’s fun!

Anyway, let me share you some things. I’ve been walking around youtube these two days and find some videos that make me really want to catch and bite him! *rawr*

Let me know if you fall into him when you see these videos:

This is why I cannot see him as a grownup man.

As you can see, my baby’s voice is getting much better day by day ^^

The best fanmade video i have ever watched

My baby plays piano so well =D

Again! He plays CUTE

And he doesn’t want to lose Minho

They try to make my baby cry LOL

Yeah, and that’s why I can’t let my eyes off of him!


One comment

  1. Bohong kalo sebagai shawol aku ga pernah jatuh cinta sama taemin. even for me, Taemin lah yg bikin aku suka sama SHINee *awalnya. dan lama-kelamaan ya kayak eonnie ini, setengah tahun kemudian suka minho,lalu Key. setelah itu suka ONEW till death! 😀 *maaf Jonghyun oppa* :p

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