About Letter to a Hubby

Dear Papi Love,

I’ve been thinking the whole time to write this letter to you, not because I have this so little time like a dramatic situation you might see on soap opera, no, it’s just my conscience letting me to have just a small space in this useless brain to say something, that you might never hear me say it to you directly, face-to-face. .. since i’m never good at saying things properly, and beautifully.

Time goes by so fast I guess, as I’ve told most of people, sometimes my lack of understanding and caring just making world rounds faster than I expected. People’s aging, they’re getting older, .. (or even younger??) day by day, including me, and you .. too. Hehe. Let me tell you something, you do not see this but I’ve been watching over you anytime, not like a stalker type, but tend to be a secret admirer of your delicateness, your great dedication and passion towards your world in what you believe. I cannot see where you are, who you are and what you do to make your life a better living, .. you’re probably too busy saving lives, or, establishing homeless shelters, or just, writing the most beautiful poem like Shakespeare might do in his imperfect life.

And in this letter I want you to know that, I will keep waiting for you. I am training myself as best so that one day when you come to me, I will be ready to be your arms and feet to walk this road with you, as your wings I would help you fly, as your map I would keep you stay from lost. While you will be my guardian angel, the leader of my ego, the conductor of my orchestra.

I might not the most perfect creature you’ve see in life. Concern may not my best feature, since I am a woman of neglect. You would find me ignore you, in-obedient, cynical, obnoxious and sometimes a bipolar syndrome (keke~), .. so I hope you would bear it, since you’re going to be the glove of my circus-selfish conscience. But I’m good at taking care of others, I’m good at loving people that you would not be worried to have me letting you down. My patience has grown so much greater as many ordeals I have to get through, my loyalty is the only thing I’m proud of a human with dignity, .. and I’m good at cooking too ^^

Marriage might not be the greatest thing happen to us, but my world will revolve around you in the future as yours will do mine, I’m not again a woman who dreams of a sporadic imaginary life such a princess found her prince. You will be my guide, you will be the head of my anatomic tree of mind in every chapter of our live-time drama. Household will be our stage and we are the main actors of our play.

In my prayer, I always have you be under His bless, to live a single righteous line along the pathway as a man with faith. Because a mundane is not again what I’m looking for. So please take my hand, lead me and take me to His heaven.

See you soon!



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